You need an online presence, an online impact, or to simply refine your online marketing processes and make more sales. Growth in business isn't limited to what you alone can do, it's what you can accomplish as a team. Let's work together to grow your online business.

Discovery session is FREE and lasts about 30-60 mins initially. Fill out the few questions to help us understand you more and we will talk soon.


Novacru is a collective of branding, marketing, and sales strategists 
who want to help you grow your business.

We know in order for you to succeed in business as a whole, you should be focusing all your time on the message you're presenting, the purpose, the mission, the vision, and most importantly your product or service. 

In order for this to happen you need to delegate all other necessary but skill intensive tasks such as; building your marketing funnels, setting up stellar email sequences, integrating complicated tracking and conversion softwares, or even creating a congruent and cohesive brand image that resonates with your audience. 

1. Discover
We go through a rigorous evaluation of your business & financial goals in order to gain an intimate understanding of who you are and what makes you and your team tick.
2. Strategize
Taking the information we unearthed during the discovery phase, we formulate a custom strategy based on your unique business and the outcomes you want to achieve. 
3. Execute
Once a rock solid plan has been established we will move forward by either implementing on the plan ourselves, or assisting and overseeing your in-house team to ensure the desired outcome.
Scale your business without having to figure out all the meticulous growth softwares and strategies. With over 10 years combined experience in digital marketing, we will be your growth experts. With backgrounds in Marketing, Branding, Project Management, Finance, Accounting & Operations we bring a wide variety of background and skill sets to the table, ensuring you're covered no matter what you need.
(Nova-cru: Novacru is latin word meaning new growth.) Our purpose is to give entrepreneurs and companies new ways to fuel growth. Whether thats by using the power of sales funnel websites, consulting on best business practices, developing stellar marketing campaigns, assisting in financial analysis, or rebranding your business assets.
CEO / Financial Expert
Tim Fink has used his strategy, analyzation, and problem solving skills to soar companies to new growth they never expected possible. He has three college degrees and over 10 years of experience in business. He is actively involved in Venture Capital, day trading, financial consulting, growth consulting and helping people solve problems. When he’s not doing business he is outside adventuring the world and doing anything to staying moving and active. Tim has received three degrees for accounting, finance and economics
Strategy, Branding, and Growth 
Laj has many years and background knowledge in branding and organic growth. He finds cutting edge methods and strategies for companies to take visions they have and make them into reality. He stays on top of the latest trends to keep you on your game to the constant changes that happen on the daily. His goal is to help companies bring in a strong organic audience that leads to more sales and loyal, happy customers.
Software Integrations /Development
Keanon has spent the last 5 years using his marketing and software expertise in the Real Estate Industry. He got his license and started dealing with clientele in finding their forever home or the next big investment opportunity all while helping put systems into place for teams. During the last 2 years, he was asked to join and start a new real estate business in Sandpoint where he focused on the development of the business and how operations and marketing would run all the way to integrating new software. They were named top 10% in the nation by Zillow in the first year of business. His hard work has lead him to a passion for technology, software, and marketing where he strives to better you and your business.
Chief Marketing Director
Jeremy has a background working as a marketing and operational consultant in Real Estate, eCommerce, SAAS, Education, Business Opportunity, Personal Development, Health and Brick/Mortar Retail. He holds 2 Bachelors of Science Degrees from Liberty University in Project Management and Marketing. Since starting his first agency back in 2013 he's used his knowledge to help business owners achieve their profitability goals by leveraging technology and marketing. Through the years, he's fine tuned his skills with an emphasis on helping small-medium sized businesses scale profitably. Having helped generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue from a wide variety of niches, his experience and knowledge will help make sure your project is a resounding success.
Logan Ruf
Lead Developer
Logan has been a tech enthusiast for as long as he can remember. In high school, he did computer repair, IT, and Networking for local businesses. In college, Logan switched his focus to cloud computing and software development. Now, he is AWS certified and a full-stack web developer.

He has managed projects with thousands of lines of code. You can always rely on Logan to keep a project organized with a quality product and fast production times.
Gabe Madros
PPC Ads Expert
Marcus Davis
The Intern
Marcus is the Intern on our Novacru team. He usually takes on smaller projects. Like landing pages, click funnels, graphic design, and any other smaller projects we throw at him. He is currently working with us and attending school at North Idaho College. He's also received a grant for working with NASA and young engineers on an aerospace project. Marcus Is young at the age of 16 working on developing his future in business, space, and computer science
Lexi Huddleston
Project Manager
Lexi is our project manager. Born Idahoan, she's not only manages projects we are working... She also is interested in her marketing skills to help make content reach the right audiences. Teaching is also one of her extra core skills. With many people working on new projects with different requirements. It can be very beneficial to have someone that can guide the team in the right direction and teach new teammates. 
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